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There is no greater way to spend a summer afternoon, then with a loved one reading together. Find your favorite stories, bookmark them and come back later when you can read side-by-side with that special someone. Take turns reading passages, read aloud to each other, or even read silently while holding hands. These stories will remind you of when you first fell in love.

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Our collection of stories was created and collected with the female in mind. Nothing is more powerful than a woman's mind. When you join, you'll have unlimited access to the entire collection, with easy to find categories and very searchable. Find what you know, and then find something else you didn't know you would like! If it's there, it's because it's well liked. Make sure to maximize your use by visiting on your tablet or phone. You can take it anywhere you like and always be able to login as long as you're a member.

Curiously look around through the many different categories of Songs Of Endearment, each category filled with stories of romance that will leave you wanting more!

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Your partner might not be around, but that doesn't mean your mind has to be. Dive into a romantic tale and let it take over, and meet your body's needs to express itself.


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All relationships need a boost from time to time. A quiet day with that special someone reading beautiful stories will do that just for you. Read these stories with that person.


A Quiet Day Alone

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